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Into The Valley used on new Halfords advert

The Skids Into The Valley has been used on a new advert for Halfords, showing on UK television.

The Somnambulists out now on DVD 

Richard Jobsons latest movie is now out on DVD

I AM DIGITAL new DVD by Richard Jobson now available online  

A compilation of short films and trailers from writer, director RICHARD JOBSON
Short Films: I Am Digital, Am I Digital, The Journey, I think You Need A Lawyer, Into The Valley
Movie Clips: 16 Years Of Alcohol, The Purifiers, A Woman In Winter, New Town Killers
Trailers: New Town Killers, The Somnambulists, Into The Valley (concept trailer), The Skids Live


The Skids Singles Collection is now available to buy online

Even if you arent the biggest and best Skids fan in the world, even if you dont have a huge collection of music and memorabilia, you might just like this! , you may even love it!
The best collection of Skids A-Sides and B-Sides is now available
A must have for all Skids fans and maybe even other folk as well, who can also enjoy it
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NEW! Stuart Adamson website

A new website was recently launched to pay tribute to Stuart Adamson.
here is a news articles section with articles collected about the memorials, including the recent memorial bench, some information pages, forums and a gallery section.
Fans are encouraged to sign up to the forums and join in the various discussions taking place, you can also submit your own images to be included in the gallery.
The organisers hope you enjoy the website and look forward to seeing you there
Visit the website here
Into The Valley makes the shortlist for Scotlands Greatest Album
New Skids Facebook Group now up and running
Stuart Adamson memorial bench dedication ceremony
Richard Jobson latest movie to premiere at BFI London Film Festival
The Singles Collection 1978-1981
The Skids - Masquerade (PSST Remix 2011)
Location for The Stuart Adamson Memorial Bench has been decided

Update on Stuart Adamson memorial bench fund

4 sets of lyrics have been choosen for the Stuart Adamson memorial bench. These have been choosen from a poll voted for by facebook bc fans. These are as follows:
1) Here is strength for us to find, to turn the old to new and wipe our eyes of misty years and see the future through
2) Your name will never die; this time will be forever
3) In a big country dreams stay with you like a lover's vioce fires the mountainside Stay Alive !
4) Some days will stay a thousand years some pass like the flash of a spark who knows where all our days go !
This fund is less than £100 short of its mark, please help by making a donation by following the link below

Punk rock star shoots latest movie in Bedford

Original article from the Bedford Today website
Thanks to Justin from Bedford for pointing this out

A FILM crew has been stationed at various locations in Bedford shooting a movie that is set to be released at cinemas nationwide next year.
Former singer of The Skids, Richard Jobson, who is now a successful filmmaker, is the writer and director behind the film called The Somnambulists, which tells the story of 15 soldiers who died in the Iraq war, and what they left behind.
Filming has been taking place in different locations in Bedford for the last several weeks, and on the last day of filming the Times & Citizen were given exclusive access to the crew on location.
The film tells the testimonials of 15 soldiers who lost their lives in the Iraq conflict, and delves into the lives they lost.
Mr Jobson, who lives in Toddington, decided to shoot a number of scenes in Bedford as he regularly visits the town with his son, who attends Bedford Modern School.
He said: “I have a real fondness for Bedford, my son attends school here and we regularly come here at the weekend to the market and the river. I was going to shoot the scenes in Scotland, but I realised that Bedford has all of the things that Scotland has to offer.
“I felt very angry about the Iraq war and this is a reflection of that. People just seem to have forgotten all about it, we were sleepwalked into that war.
“People will probably think its the characters that are the somnambulists, but it’s actually the audience.
On Friday the crew finished its filming in Bedford at Michael R Peters in Tavistock Street, The Piazza, a council flat and Harrowden Middle School.
Managing director at Michael R Peters Paul Mead said: “They only approached us a couple of days ago with the idea of shooting outside the shop. It’s quite exciting for us and a great chance for us to get our name out there. It’s a great opportunity for Bedford as well.”

Fans Memorial for Stuart Adamson

stuart-adamson-memorial-fundA memorial fund and project to get a bench and plaque in Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline in memory of local legend Stuart Adamson is underway.
Spearheaded by Gwenda Matthews there is now a Facebook campaign to raise awareness and support for the memorial fund project
Fans can visit the Facebook page using the link below
Gwenda has said “On my recent visit to Dunfermline I was shocked to find not a mention or recollection of Stuart Adamsons existance he was such a truly talented and amazing guy he deserves to be recognised and we as fan’s want to pay our respects to him ! Please help our cause by contributing to this page and let our voices be heard !!”
“This Year Being the 10th Anniversary of this mans passing, It Seems The Time is More Than Right To Give This Music LEGEND A Memorial in His Hometown of Dunfermline, So That His Fans, Friends & Peers all around the world Can Remember Him….”
A Paypal fund has also been set up so that fans can contribute to the £1,000 pounds to make this happen.
If you would like to donat to the fund, please follow the link below.

Skids Live 2010 DVD Special Edition now only £12

The Skids Live 2010 DVD is now available as a special offer and discounted price.skids-live-dvd-special-offer

The Special Edition DVD with Promo CD is available to buy direct from Richard Jobson and is now only £12 including postage and packaging.

The Skids Live 2010 DVD is Region 2 PAL (UK) so this disc may not be suitable for playing in other countries and is not a multi-region or region free disc.

You DO NOT need a Paypal account to order, Paypal will accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Make sure you put your email address in correctly as confirmation of your order will be emailed to you. ====================================

The Skids Live 2010 DVD contains the following tracks: Animation, Of One Skin, Melancholy Soldiers, Thanatos, Yankee Dollar, The Saints Are Coming, Scared To Dance, Charles, The Olympian, Hurry On Boys, Charade, A Woman In Winter, Circus Games, Masquerade, Into The Valley, Fields.

The DVD also includes interviews with Richard and also footage from the Fifer Festival 2010

Click here if you dont see the Paypal Buy Now Button