Seasons Greetings from Bruce & Jamie

A Merry Chistmas and a Happy New Year to all Skids fans from Bruce and Jamie

Bruce and Jamie Watson (The Skids / Big Country)

Merry Chistmas from The Skids

to one and all, a very Merry Christmas and a big thanks for all the support over the last year.

Wishing you all the best over the Festive season from The Skids

Skids / Big Country featured on Gospel Truth Choir debut album, Out Now!

The debut album by The Gospel Truth Choir is now available to buy!

The new CD features a version of The Saints Are Coming and Chance with Skids and Big Country guitarists Bruce and Jamie Watson.

Track list

1. Mary’s Prayer, 2. Here Comes the Rain Again / Small Town Boy, 3. The Saints are Coming / Chance. 4. Mandela Day, 5. 500 Miles, 6. The Other Side of the World, 7. Caledonia, 8. When Will You (Make My Phone Ring), 9. Shake This Mountain, 10. Last Request, 11. Amazing Grace, 12. Ae Fond Kiss (Hi Horo ‘s na Horo Eile)

click here to visit the website for more info

The Skids – The Essence Of A Live Gig

Article by Richard Jobson, November 30th 2010 on the Skids gigs and recording for video

I have just completed a new film about my old punk band The Skids all shot on 5Ds and 7Ds.

The event was a week long celebration of the different aspects of my work in my home county Fife in the East of Scotland. The gig was the finale to a week of cinema workshops and talks including an on stage interview conducted by the crime novelist Ian Rankin about my life and work.

As a team we didn’t have long to plan how to shoot the various events. We kind of just arrived in Scotland and made it up as we went along. This is not how I normally work and being more of a control freak made this improvised approach a bit of a worry.

We had three 5D MkIIs and a 7D with a variety of prime lenses as well as Zacuto rigs and follow focus.
Filming the smaller intimate events was a great way of preparing for the Skids gig. The live interview with Ian Rankin was in the same hall as the gig, The Alhambra in Dunfermline, which gave us a perfect opportunity to work out where to put the cameras on the night.

Approaching the idea of shooting the Skids gig was a somewhat daunting prospect. The band I had joined as a teenager from the East of Scotland were known for their energy and full on live performances. Would we as older, more mature members of society be able to find that same presence and madness and how the hell with such limited resources were we going to film it in a way that was going to hopefully become a small piece of Scottish r’n’r history?

Other questions were swimming around in my head. Were the band still relevant? Could we really still do it or were we just another bunch of old punks desperately trying to catch the heat of the past? There are so many bands out there from that era who are cynically cashing in on a current retro nostalgia trip. I don’t want to be part of that.

Live gigs are tricky to shoot. Intrusive cameras and operators getting in the way of the show more of often than not make the event feel fake and just a tad dishonest. If we were going to capture this moment then we were really going to have to think it through. The initial improvisation would have to evolve into something more substantial by the end of the week. It was also an opportunity to create a business model for other shoots of other bands.

Live gigs in the music industry are one of the only ways of making money, they want to record the gigs and can’t afford big productions but still want cool and effective images that capture the live vibe.

We decided on shooting both nights of the concert. The problem was that the first night was a warm up in another city and of course in another venue. We needed two nights to create enough material so we would have a fast cutting style at our disposal. The music is fast and furious so no point in locking cameras down and moving between wides, close ups and medium shots. Too boring. No, what we needed was something far more in your face without the problem of camera operators in each other’s shots.

I have been working with HDSLR technology from the beginning and have used the 5D MkII on various projects from pop promos to short films. This camera alongside the 7D (which can shoot 60fps giving us a decent slow motion option) were the tools of choice.

On the first night at the warm up gig we concentrated on close ups of all the band. We made sure that they would be wearing the same clothes the next night. Shooting from 5 different positions with moving cameras (one was on a glide rail at the front of stage) we soon found that the intimacy was captured.
The second night was all about the occasion. A large sold out venue with an enthusiastic crowd meant that we needed to turn the cameras the other way. The great thing was that the audience thought of them as stills cameras so paid little attention to them being pointed in their face. In the edit we used the multi-take option in Final Cut Pro to look through the footage simultaneously and we were constantly amazed at how we never saw the other cameras at any point. It was a real breakthrough. How many times have you watched your favourite band on TV at an event like Glastonbury and been disappointed to see camera teams all over the stage? This doesn’t happen using HDSLRs, you just don’t see them.

The whole experience was invigorating, a new way of working and another feather in the cap of convergence. It’s now a style I’ll take into my next movie project: HELTER SKELTER. Mulit-cam shooting, various angles covered with small discreet cameras using wonderful glass on the front. I can’t quite put into words how this changes the game for me. I’ve been working with small budgets on all my movies but always tried to create something visually arresting – now I can really do it for even smaller sums of money and most importantly retain control.

The Skids Live 2010 DVD is available to order as a Special Edition DVD with Free CD from  and

Skids guitar duo light up Dunfermline

Skids guitar duo, Bruce and Jamie Watson are to perform at the annual Christmas Lights Switch On at the Louise Carnegie Gates in Dunfermline.

Bruce and Jamie set to light up the town

Bruce and Jamie Watson will launch their home town festive season in style when they play at Christmas lights switch-on this Sunday.
The Dunfermline father and son rockers have enjoyed a successful year, playing memorable gigs with the Skids and bringing out their first album together.
The lights invitation is the icing on the Christmas cake and still to come is a New Year tour with the re-formed Big Country including a much-anticipated gig at the Alhambra.
The Watsons will entertain the crowd from 5.15 to 5.45pm ahead of the arrival of the star of the show, Santa, for the all-important switch-on.
Bruce laughed, “I’ve opened for many acts in my time from Bob Dylan to the Rolling Stones but never for the man in the big red suit!”
Jamie told the Press, “I can’t wait. There should be a good crowd there and it’s always a big occasion.”
Jamie didn’t start playing the guitar until he was into his early teens but made quick progress and went on stage for the first time when the Skids got back together at the Glen Pavilion in 2007 then a few days later was playing T in the Park with them.

Looking back to his early days on the guitar, Jamie said, “My pal played - Michael from the Modern Faces - and I used to listen to him and he showed me a few chords.
“Then my dad would come back home from touring and he would show me a few things to try as well.
“It was great to get up and play with the Skids again at the Carnegie Hall last month and earlier this year at the Alhambra was an amazing night.
Bruce said, “Playing alongside Jamie came about by accident, it wasn’t planned. After Big Country finished, I had retired from the music business.
“I had been away touring and recording when the kids were growing up and had been planning to take things easy after that. Just sit in the house with the slippers on.
“But then Jamie would have the guitar around his neck from first thing in the morning until last thing at night.
“We started doing some stuff together and they sounded quite interesting as instrumentals and I thought we could put some lyrics to them. Then the record label which once put out releases by The Who and Hendrix heard it and said we think you should record it.”

The album ‘Another Anthem for the Damned’ was released earlier this year on Track Records now run by former Big Country manager Ian Grant.
Bruce co-founded Big Country with Stuart Adamson, and co-wrote their biggest hits, including ‘In A Big Country’, ‘Fields of Fire’, ‘Chance’ and ‘Wonderland’.
He is now looking forward to the band getting back together for a tour which starts in Glasgow on Hogmanay and runs until April taking in London, Manchester, Belfast and Dublin on the way.
Bruce admitted, “Playing with Big Country is something I didn’t think I’d do again. We played a few gigs as a three-piece in 2007 for our 25th anniversary and I thought that would be it.
“But with the way things went so well with the Skids re-union, the guys thought ‘Maybe we could give it a go again’ and I’m really looking forward to it because they’re great guys and I miss playing with them.
“The Alhambra on 2nd January should be quite a night as the Pars are playing the Rovers that day and I’m sure a lot of guys will be going there and then on to the gig.
“It’s hard to look ahead and say how things will be and how you’ll feel on the night but I think it’s all rock ‘n’ roll and we want it to be a celebration of Big Country’s music.”

Susan Hughes, chief executive of Dunfermline Delivers, said, “This is really exciting news and will be sure to have the whole place rocking as we switch on the Christmas lights.

“I can’t think of a better addition to the Dunfermline Live! programme than to have a local hero like Bruce, known all over the world, come with his son, Jamie, to help us get the festive season started. We can’t thank him enough.”

Also appearing on Sunday in the parade before the switch-on are Jonathan Cairney and the Royal Burgh of Inverkeithing Pipe Band.

Skids Live 2010

The Skids Live 2010 Special Edition DVD comes with a FREE promo CD and is available to buy online direct from Richard Jobson.

The Skids Live 2010 DVD contains the following tracks
Of One Skin
Melancholy Soldiers
Yankee Dollar
The Saints Are Coming
Scared To Dance
The Olympian
Hurry On Boys
A Woman In Winter
Circus Games
Into The Valley

This Skids DVD comes with a free Promo CD with the tracks Working For The Yankee Dollar, The Saints Are Coming, Masquerade, Out Of Town, Open Sound and TV Stars.



The Skids ticket and DVD competition

Win tickets for The Skids Live 2010 DVD Premiere and Launch night and a copy of the new Skids DVD
This competition is run by Visit Dunfermline and The Skids

The Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline will be playing host to the Skids Live 2010 DVD Premiere showing on Sunday 31st October 2010, the show starts at 6pm. As well as the DVD launch there will be a special, one-off performance with The Skids & The Gospel Truth Choir (not to be missed) as well as a raffle for signed photos and a signed guitar.
Richard Jobson and special guests are pleased to be hosting the official launch of The Skids ...Live 2010 DVD. Sunday 31st October will see the premiere showing of the new DVD at the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

The DVD will go on sale officially at this event which will include live music performances as well as the first showing of the DVD on the big screen.




Skids Live 2010 pre-order info and updates

Just to confirm some details about the special edition pre-ordered DVDs

The Skids Live 2010 DVD is Region 2 PAL (UK) so this disc may not be suitable for playing in other countries and is not a multi-region or region free disc.

You DO NOT need a Paypal account to order, Paypal will accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Once you add the item, please continue to the checkout page and instead of using your Paypal account to make the purchase, you can choose to put in your credit or debit card details, this works the same way as all other online payment processing.

Make sure you put your email address in correctly as confirmation of your order will be emailed to you.

The Skids Live 2010 DVD contains the following tracks


Of One Skin

Melancholy Soldiers


Yankee Dollar

The Saints Are Coming

Scared To Dance


The Olympian

Hurry On Boys


A Woman In Winter

Circus Games


Into The Valley


The Skids DVD also includes interviews with Richard and also footage from the Fifer Festival 2010

Produced and directed by Richard Jobson

Edited by Steven Sander

DVD sleeve notes are by Tim Barr

Details of the poster and free audio CD included with the special edition will follow soon :)

Deep Fried Skids

The Saints are Coming to be included as a medley on a new CD by The Gospel Truth Choir.
The Skids song will be included on Deep Fried Gospel and is available to pre-order now.

Pre-Order the Debut Album from Scotland's Gospel Choir.

DEEP FRIED GOSPEL is the forthcoming studio album from Scotland's leading gospel singers. Recorded at Cava Sound in Glasgow and Watercolour Music in Ardgour, it features twelve well -known tracks written by Scottish songwriters and performed by The Gospel Truth Choir in their inimitable tartan gospel style.

Includes collaborations with Bruce and Jamie Watson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maeve MacKinnon, Horse and the combined choirs of InChorus and Lothian and Borders Police. Pre-order now and help the choir pay for the cost of printing the album! (copies will be shipped on or around 15th November 2010). Payments by credit card via Paypal below - with discounts for mutliple copies!!

Listen to a sample track (Mary's Prayer) HERE.
visit their website for more links to pre-order and buy.

The Skids Live 2010 special edition update

The Skids Live 2010 DVD is now on sale via larger retailers such as HMV and Amazon, the retail price is £19.99 but after some negotiations special offer discount prices will be available and some prices may be as low as £12.

DVDs that have been pre-ordered through the Skids websites and Paypal will have a FREE POSTER ans a FREE CD of the gigs in March, more details on the CD and the poster will be available soon.

Skids swansong for Dunfermline DVD launch?

Dunfermline Press article by Gary Fitzpatrick
read the original article here

The memorable Skids home town concert at the Alhambra in March has been captured on film and will be released at a special launch event.
The fund-raiser for the 'Help for Heroes' at the Carnegie Hall on 31st October will feature the first screening of the movie as well as an acoustic gig by the band, perhaps their last ever.
Those present in the packed audience will long remember
the electric atmosphere as the Skids turned back the clock with a wonderful performance of hits such as 'Into the Valley', 'The Saints are Coming', 'Masquerade' and 'Yankee Dollar'.
The film is the work of Richard Jobson singer, film director and music video creator for artists such as Richard Ashcroft.
The Skids frontman told the Press, "You've probably heard it before but this could well be the last performance of the band. I start a new film soon and it's hard to see when will be able to get together again."
Looking back to the Alhambra concert, Richard said, "It was an incredible night. I can't remember a better atmosphere - ever. The vibe was just right and everybody was there to have a great time.
"It was just amazing to look out and see the faces. There were those who had been there from the beginning and some had brought their children and grandchildren in some cases.
"It was a great night and the end of the Fifer Festival week. I enjoyed being able to spend time with young people who were interested in a career in film-making and music.
"The legacy of the Skids is to encourage these young people to believe that if they want to do something then do it and not to listen to what anyone else says.
"We didn't get much encouragement when we started certainly from the older generation who either thought the whole thing was threatening or didn't like the music. But each generation comes along and has their own thing to say."
The Alhambra gig was captured using Canon 5D Mark II stills cameras which have hi-spec video capability and being compact gave the photographers great flexibility of movement.
"I didn't want the enjoyment of the audience to be spoilt by cameramen running around all over the place getting in their way and blocking the view," said Richard.
"By using this technology, the team, who I've worked with before and are very talented, could move around freely and the results are spectacular.
"This will be the first time it's been used in that environment and when people see what we've achieved I'm sure many will want to follow. We had five cameras but when you see the film you would think we had 50
in there."
The DVD is intercut with the interview Skids fan and Rebus author Ian Rankin conducted with Richard earlier that week as part of the Fifer Festival.
"One point I was making was the thing about a Skids gig was that the audience were same type of people as the band. There was never anything pompous about a Skids gig."
Richard previously helped the people of New Orleans in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster to the tune of a massive £500,000. That was the figure he would have made in royalties from U2 and Green
Day's cover of 'The Saints are Coming' released for the Music Rising appeal.
This time the beneficiary will be the Help for Heroes campaign and a prevalent theme in the Skids songs was the fate of young people who joined the army as a way out of unemployment.
At that time, back in the '70s. the young recruits were thrown into the turmoil of Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles and in recent years it has been Iraq and Afghanistan.
Richard said, "I feel for these young men and women. The thing's come full circle back to when we were writing the songs with the economic situation and the lack of chances for young people.
"When there are no jobs one of the things young people are told is to join the army and they can learn something. When it's the British Government involved the chances are you're going to be sent to a war somewhere.
"These people have joined up to serve their country and some have been badly injured. Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or Afghanistan is irrelevant.
"Sometimes we turn our back on these young men and women and that shouldn't happen."
The Skids DVD premiere and launch night on 31st October
starts at 6pm and tickets are on sale priced £10. Prizes, including a signed guitar, will up for grabs in the raffle.

The Skids DVD Premiere and Launch Night

will take place at the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline on Sunday 31st October 2010
tickets are now on sale priced at £10 and the event is in aid of Help For Heroes.
more details are available on the Skids website at
The Skids DVD will be shown on the big screen and copies will be available for sale on the night, there will also be some special prizes available as part of an auction.

The Skids Live 2010 DVD trailer

The preview trailer for The Skids Live 2010 DVD is now available online, a small taster of what to expect on the Skids Live 2010 DVD which is due to be released at the end of October 2010

The trailer also mentions some Skids songs that will be featured on the DVD coming soon.

Also available in quicktime format from the skids website

The Skids 2010 DVD has been made available to pre-order

At last! the news that the Skids fans have been waiting for.
The live DVD from the recent 2010 Skids gigs is available to pre-order online.
The DVD will have live footage of the Skids in concert and an extras disc which is said to contain some other filming that was done during Richard Jobsons visit to Dunfermline earlier this year and some Skids archive material.
Hopefully there will be more information made available soon.
visit the link below for more info and ordering details

Sky Television to show Richard Jobsons New Town Killers

Skids frontmans latest movie New Town Killers is to be shown on Sky Premiere every night of this week starting at 5.40pm.

The movie will also be available on Anytime, so any Skids fans or fans of Richard Jobsons movies can now tune in and enjoy

Thanks to Braveman and Stainless for pointing this out and the reminders on The Skids fans website.

Great movie and highly recommended.

Win free entry to Glen Pavilion Dunfermline concert

There is a competition open on the Dunfermline Music Scene website to win FREE ENTRY to see Bruce & Jamie Watson (Skids guitar duo) in concert, along with The Draymin, Crayons and more bands still to be announced.

The competition is a free prize draw and entries picked out will get into the Music For Mary Charity Concert at the Glen Pavilion on Sunday 29th August.

Crayons are the first Fife band to be announced to play the charity gig in Dunfermline with more bands and details still to be announced.

Remember this is not just a great gig for only £8 it is also a charity fundraiser in association with The Mary Leishman Foundation, Kennys Music and The Kingsgate Shopping Centre, there are some great prizes to be won on the night so some lucky gig-goer could be going home with some special prizes :)
Details on the competition are on the following link.


Some tickets are still available from Third Base Records, Kennys Music, The Old Inn, Blaze in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre and available to Buy Online

The Skids merchandise is back online

The Skids merchandise shop is now back online after some upgrades and changes.
T-shirts, hoodies, posters and music are available.

Items are available in 2010 designs and also in The Skids 30th Anniversary designs.

Visit the Official Skids Merchandise store by clicking the following link

Skids - Saints Are Coming used on Canadian Ice Hockey team promo

Its more like the Green Day and U2 version of The Saints Are Coming than the Skids version but the song was used with different lyrics for The Habs Ice Hockey team. It was played on radio and someone added some images and uploaded it to Youtube. Thanks to Serge for submitting the video to the Skids website.
The video can be viewed here. on the Skids fans website.

Skids blog update

The blog seems to have had a wee problem, with posting comments and also allowing users to follow the Skids blog.
This has now been fixed, I hope, as I have managed to post a comment and also follow with the Dunfermline Music account.

If anyone notices any other problems please feel free to send me a message or contact me on the Skids fan website at

Win a gig with the Skids guitar duo, Bruce and Jamie

Kingdom FM competition now open for local bands to win a gig with Bruce and Jamie and The Draymin at The Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline on the 29th August.

Lucky winners will also be treated to recording time in a studio, produce a CD, get a professional band photo shoot and more great goodies for any young and up and coming band.

More details are on the Skids website here
and also on the Dunfermline Music Scene website by clicking here

Bruce and Jamie Watson announce more gigs dates and include a special Dunfermline concert

Bruce and Jamie have updated their website and listed their latest tour dates, included is a special charity concert with previous Skids support act The Draymin.
The Music For Mary Charity Concert is to take place on Sunday 29th August and will also include special guest bands to play at The Glen Pavilion Dunfermline.

There will also be raffles and auctions and great prizes to be won.
Tickets are available online and will be available soon through local outlets.

More gig dates from the Skids guitar duo, Bruce and Jamie can be found on their website.
14th August - Linton Lane Centre, Kirkcaldy
21st August - King Tuts, Glasgow
29th August - Glen Pavilion, Dunfermline
17th September - The Half Moon, London
18th September - Riga Bar, Westcliff-On-Sea
8th and 9th October - Inn At Lathones, St. Andrews
16th October - Prestonpans Labour Club, Prestonpans
27th December - Classic Grand, Glasgow

Skids DVD to be released in late 2010

A special 2 disc package with live concert footage of The Skids and a special extras disc will be released in late autumn / early winter.

Big Countrys The Crossing is the featured album on BBC Radio Scotlands Classic Scottish Albums, includes interviews and insights into Big Country, and The Crossing album

BBC Radio Scotlands Classic Scottish Albums - The Crossing by Big Country
Great to hear so many stories from across the board, recommended listening.

another local gig for Bruce and Jamie at PJ Molloys in Dunfermline 26th June

Another local gig for Bruce and Jamie (Skids guitar team) has been announced for the 26th June 2010

at PJ Molloys in Dunfermline. They will be joined on the night by Crayons and Rioteers.

Tickets are £5 and available from Third Base Records in Dunfermline or you can reserve and buy your tickets online.
Taken from The Skids website at

Punk Forever: an exhibition by Gerrion Jones

Punk Forever is an exhibition showing all aspects and colours - as well as the educational value - of punk through a refreshing and fun look at how punk changed the world, and how it has continued to evolve from 1976 to the present day. It includes art, music, fashion and poetry collected and designed by Gerrion Jones.
more details on the Skids website

In memory of Ian Calvert , charity gig and film footage

Ian Calvert tragically died on the 1st of April this year. In recent years he'd been suffering from Parkinsons disease and was unable to dance about like a maniac at the front of the stage at gigs.
He turned his lack of mobility around and reinvented himself as the camera man, standing still at the side of the stage filming the bands.
On Friday the 11th of June we're having a wee festival for him in Henrys to celebrate his life.
There will be some video footage he has taken over the years including some of The Skids taken at The Alhambra in Dunfermline

click here for more details on the Skids website

Acoustic & Electronica: Bruce & Jamie Watson, Slurpy Gloop

Yes , you read it correctly! not the Bruce and Jamie bit but the Slurpy Gloop part :)

Prepare to free your mind!
Sat 19 Jun : Acoustic & Electronica: Bruce & Jamie Watson, Slurpy Gloop

Where?: Wellwood Social Club

Type Of Event: Live Music

Type Of Music: Acoustic, Electronica, Pop, Rock

Click here for more info....

Ground Breaking Music-Business Workshop To Debut In Scotland

not exactly Skids related but thought it deserves a frontpage mention rather than being stuck in the off topic section of the forums.
The first of its kind in Scotland an in depth insight into the music business.

Created with the nation’s future professional musicians, band managers, and record label entrepreneurs in mind, this one-day crash course – entitled ‘Music - it’s the Business!’ – is a valuable insight to the often mystifying world of record companies, copyrighting, publishing, artist development, and the basics of record contracts.

9.00 am 'til 5.00 pm, and lunch, refreshments, training notes, and Certificate of Attendance are all included.


Bruce and Jamie to join local football club fundraiser

The Skids guitar team, Bruce and Jamie Watson are to join a host of local musicians in a special fundraising concert at Cowdenbeath CO OP Hall on Friday 18th June 2010

Bruce and Jamie will kick off this event which will also include The Lane, Radio Arcade (Psychedelic), SOE (State Of Emergency) and Vertis.

This event starts at 7pm, tickets are £8 in aid of Cowdenbeath Action Fund.

Ex Skids member - Russell Webb live at the Inn On The Green London

The Skids bass player and general musical legend, Russell Webb has new tracks available.
On Russell's Myspace page there are six tracks recorded live last Friday night. The tracks were recorded to cd from the soundboard so are a little raw....
01 Castles In Spain
02 Waiting For The Floods
03 Love In Anger
04 Iona
05 Fields
06 One Hand Clapping (a new song)

Another Bruce & Jamie gig in June

Another Bruce & Jamie gig in June

Remembering Stuart Adamson

on his 52nd birthday, much missed by many.

Skids website all new and improved ...coming soon

Skids website all new and improved ...coming soon

Bruce and Jamie Watson return to Lathones Gig on Saturday 12th June

Bruce and Jamie will play The Inn at Lathones again on Saturday 12th June 2010
from The Skids Website

Venue and gig details:
Inn at Lathones,St Andrews, Fife, KY9 1JE
Tel. 01334 840 494
Doors 9m / Tickets £15


Tickets online soon from Ticketmaster

Bruce, Jamie & Russell play Dissenters Gallery 2010

Dates and band line ups are available for the Dissenters Gallery gig for April and May 2010
Bruce and Jamie Watson play along side The Dirty Strangers and other guests on the 30th April, while ex Skids Russell Webb will grace the stage on the 21st May along with The Dirty Strangers and special guests.
Source article from The Skids website at

Skids frontman to appear as guest judge on X Factor 2010

Skids frontman to appear as guest judge on X Factor 2010

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The Skids sharing is good for the soul.
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Bruce and Jamie Watson another gig "down south"

The Skids frontman directs new Richard Ashcroft video

Original source The Skids website

New Richard Ashcroft video "Are You Ready" directed by Richard Jobson, you can check it out on the Richard Ashcroft website

Another chance to see the new video or for those of you who missed it at the film workshops as part of the Fifer Festival you can now view it online

If you cant get it to load in on the Richard Ashcroft website :( it is also on Youtube


The Skids on Bebo

The Skids now have a Bebo page for any Bebo users .........

The Skids on BEBO

The Skids links page has now been updated with some new links

The Skids on DIGG, Facebook and Twitter

The Skids on DIGG, Facebook and Twitter

The Skids on youtube

The Skids on youtube

Skids videos on youtube a collection from fans
Links to all youtube videos to be added shortly

Skids News - Meet the Director: Richard Jobson

For years Richard Jobson has been working on merging moving images with stills in numerous projects, including his latest, The Journey, with Emma Thompson.

The broadcaster, talk-show host, writer, director, BAFTA award winner, and former frontman of punk-rock band The Skids talk about how he uses cutting-edge technology on the Mac in his film-making and broadcasting. Eddie Harrison moderates.

This is available as a FREE iTunes download!

Download or subscribe to free podcast episodes from Meet the Director: Richard Jobson by Apple Inc. on iTunes.

from the Skids website

The Skids Merchandise is now available online

The Skids Merchandise is now available online from them good guys at Firebrand.
There is also a special offer of a FREE POSTER click the images to visit the Skids merch store
more Skids news and details on The Skids website
  • New designs
  • Signed and limited edition Skids March 2010 screen print only £20
  • All Skids shirts now £12 for limited time only
  • Free A3 Yankee Dollar poster with every purchase whilst stocks last

many thanks to Chris, Justin and the team for making the new 2010 items available.

The Skids aftermath

the skids  I am still recovering from a long but great weekend and will get more photos added to the galleries as soon as possible :)
I would like to pass on a message from Mark at The Old Inn who has said the Skids fans who come down to The Old Inn for food and drinks before the Alhambra gig were brilliant, I would have to agree, the atmosphere was great with a great bunch of Skids fans. Skids fans are the best!
It was a wee treat to meet up and chat with a few old faces as well as
eventually meeting with guys from Facebook and email messages, Glen, Gav, Big Gordy, Stainless, James Mawhinney, Eggo, "the Hume brothers" and many more, also quite funny referring to people as "Thanatos" and other internet handles/nicknames and pointing over and saying "theres PTnobluevinyl" pure class!
Also the amount of people who were asking for Smid was mental, Smid m8 you are just as famous as the Skids m8 .... if there was an award for a golden anorak you would win hands down :)
Thanks to everyone who came along to The Old Inn for the pre-gig warm up and to Mark for kindly allowing us to take over his lounge area for the afternoon and also paying for the posters and other bits and bobs that we gave away to as many people as possible. Mark is a top bloke and I am sorry to anyone who didnt get a poster or a t-shirt, you know how to get a hold of me :)
An amazing weekend and so many different accents LOL , huge thanks to Thomas at Visit Dunfermline for a great week of events leading up to and including the gig, and of course Fife Council for all their involvement and investments.
A massive thanks to Michael and Camilla at MJM, James and all the staff at DF Concerts, Crossguard Security, Group 4 Security, all the staff at the Alhambra, Bairdy, Calder, Ian, Colin, big John, all the bar staff in fact too many names to mention but you are all a great bunch of people and of course a big huge massive thanks to Richard and the Skids for providing a top class gig.
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The Skids Dunfermline gig review

The Skids at The Alhambra Dunfermline News Of The World Review

March 14th 2010

THE SKIDS, Alhambra, Dunfermline
the skids

FIST clenched, standing four- square in the centre of the stage, Richard
Jobson is belting out the lung-busting chorus of the classic Into The Valley.

And as Bill Simpson drills out the song's trademark bassline, the sell-out crowd is going MENTAL.

In scenes that'd rival even the mighty Barrowland, this hometown show - in one of Scotland's best venues - sees both fans and band going for it big-time, expending enough energy to power the national grid.
It's a reminder that The Skids, who last reunited in 2007 for their
incredible 30th anniversary show on the main stage at T In The Park, have lost none of their power.

 In an action-packed 24-song set - full of pulse-quickening hits like Masquerade, Working For The Yankee Dollar and, of course, The Saints Are Coming - they constantly spring surprises. Not the least of which are the songs themselves. As they rocket into Charles - originally penned by a teenage Stuart Adamson back in 1977 - it's clear the track hasn't gathered dust at all. Its spiralling guitar riff and lyric about the creeping depersonalisation of corporate culture, still sound radical now.
With Adamson's Big Country bandmate Bruce Watson depping for the much-missed guitar hero, old favourites like Out Of Town and Melancholy Soldiers are delivered with the force of a runaway train.
Drummer Mike Baillie - who joined the Fife band in time for 1980's Absolute Game album - is a revelation too, sticks skipping around the kit as he hammers out the rock solid beat of a blistering Circus Games.
There's a neat moment when those on stage salute original sticksman Tam Kellichan, who's among tonight's crowd. the skidsBut while the music (including a rare romp through the much-underrated and never-before-played-live 1981 Fields single) is the undisputed star of the show, Jobson himself runs it a pretty close second.
He's a magnetic presence, leaping into the air one minute, spinning round with a boxer's finesse the next, all the while bellowing out those king-size choruses. As a frontman he's up there with Daltrey, Lydon and Strummer.
That's summed up as they launch into Of One Skin - the 1978 hit that inspired both U2 and The Cult - Jobson sailing through the air like he's 17 again, still striking a blow for the newest of the new wave.

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The Skids
Excellent photos of The Skids and some cracking photos of Bruce and Jamie -- by Malcolm Button

More photos have been added to the Skids Media section, in the Skids Images Galleries, under the Skids live section there are now hundreds of great quality photos and lots are from Malcolm Button, these images have been slightly reduced in size but dont have the really annoying text over them, there are also more photos added for the The Skids at The Abc in Glasgow and Steve has kindly moved his copyright notice to the bottom of the photos so as not to spoil your viewing pleasure. I have some photos from fans that I will also get uploaded into a seperate gallery :) If you have any photos you would like added please feel free to email me them :
A Huge thanks to Malcolm, Mary and Steve for providing these top class photos of The Skids as well as some cracking photos of Bruce and Jamie
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The Skids Last ever show @ the Alhambra - SC Article March 2010
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The Skids @ the Alhambra Theatre Dunfermline 06-03-10
the skids So this was to be the last ever Skids gig at the Alhambra theatre in Dunfermline, the band’s home town.
The Band for tonight is Richard Jobson, Bill Simpson, Mike Baillie and Bruce & Jamie Watson.The intro CD comes on, a roar goes up and they are on. Richard Jobson swinging his arms and legs about like a mad man possessed.
The first two songs were over in a flash. As I catch my breath Richard tell us the next song was written in the library and “Working for the Yankee Dollar” is played. The crowd go mad.They then go on to dedicate the next song to Stuart Adamson who was a special guy to them all. The crowd agree and we are played “The Saints are Coming”. Jobson says “too many bands from our era just go through the motions nowadays but we play from the heart,” and this receives a rapturous applause.“Masquerade” is up next and the crowd are getting more excited as each song passes.
They end the evening with “Into the Valley” and this had the building shaking. Everyone in the theatre are on their feet, from the moshpit to all the people up in the balcony seats, all singing along. Jobson holds the mic towards them and it is the loudest and best sing along I have ever heard. The fans are still singing when the band goes off. But that surely cant be it - they come back on to do acoustic versions of “Saints are Coming” and “Into the Valley” which mellows the crowd out before they play “Fields”, which according to Jobson they have never played live before.And finally it is time for “that song that is like a lead weight around our necks all evening and you have been waiting for” says Jobson - “Albert Tatlock” is screamed out! “TV Stars” is played and the roof of the Alhambra is nearly lifted off its hinges. And that was it - two hours of sheer brilliance and the last ever gig, if so they did their hometown and the fans proud but most of all they did
themselves proud.

As they walk off Bruce stands alone and shouts see ya soon.

The end or the beginning…?
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The Skids ABC Glasgow gig review

The Skids, ABC, Glasgow
Jonathan Geddes Published on 7 Mar 2010
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According to Richard Jobson, his intentions for this concert were to sing out of tune and dance badly, as usual. His dancing was indeed dreadful, at one stage resembling a chicken suffering severe cramp, but thankfully his band’s music remains stirringly powerful.

Jobson spoke between songs about his belief that the lyrics still meant something today, but it was a justified claim. The first pint of the evening went flying through the air on the acid-tongued Working For The Yankee
Dollar before The Saints Are Coming was delivered in brilliantly desperate style. However, this was not a straightforward greatest hits set, and with a six-strong choir joining the group, there were moments of innovation too.

Aside from the lyrics, it was noticeable how well the actual music has endured. Never oi oi punks, Scared To Dance’s guitar was a hypnotic tribute to the late Stuart Adamson’s skills, A Woman In Winter’s chanting suited the choir’s backing and a muscular version of Hurry On Boys also impressed.

While the whole band were fine, father and son duo Bruce and Jamie Watson handled Adamson’s parts capably, Jobson was still the star, a proverbial whirling dervish whose vocal still snarls when required.

His energy resonated throughout a closing trio of Circus Games, Masquerade and Into The Valley, which deserved the moshing it sparked from old and young punks alike.

It was a shame an underwhelming encore followed, in which both Saints and Valley were awkwardly repeated acoustically, a treatment that suited neither. It thankfully didn’t put too large a blemish on the evening, and if this truly is the end of the Skids, they finished on a high.

Star rating:****

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The Skids right at home : Dunfermline Press article

Dunfermline Press article by Gary Fitzpatrick
full article here

A SUPERB performance from the Skids set the seal on the week of events celebrating the career of Richard Jobson.
Saturday night's gig was a memorable occasion for the sell-out crowd savouring the reunion of one Dunfermline's best-ever bands in the fabulous setting of the rejuvenated Alhambra Theatre.

And it was a rejuvenated, storming set from the band as they turned the clock back, roared on by the hometown support like a swaying mass of football fans.

There was a huge ovation in memory of the late Stuart Adamson and it was fitting that his Big Country colleague Bruce Watson was on stage alongside his son Jamie to complete the line-up.

Many fans present had been there for the band's breakthrough days in the late 1970s although some in the audience were not even born then.

The set was an impressive mix of the band's popular hits such as 'The Saints Are Coming', 'Working for the Yankee Dollar', 'Circus Games' and Masquerade' with less well-known material such as 'Woman in Winter'
and 'Castles in Spain', which was released by The Armoury Show, Jobson's subsequent band after the Skids.

The singer turned film director said it was a "privilege" to appear at the theatre and the fans certainly appreciated them being there.

Alhambra manager Simon Fletcher said, "It was a great event and the culmination of a really good week.

"The first Fifer Festival has been a success and the Skids concert was a triumphant return.

"When they sang 'Into the Valley' it was the biggest crowd reaction we've had since the Alhambra re-opened. The band loved playing here and the fans had a great time."

Local bars and restaurants were busy as gig-goers flocked into Dunfermline, none more so than a packed Old Inn where Skids fans gathered in the hours before the concert, at an event organised by the band's
website. They were entertained by Skids music and rare footage of the band on video.

Dunfermline's emergence as a live music hub after many years in the doldrums was confirmed on Saturday with one of the city's busiest ever nights for live music.

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