The Skids aftermath

the skids  I am still recovering from a long but great weekend and will get more photos added to the galleries as soon as possible :)
I would like to pass on a message from Mark at The Old Inn who has said the Skids fans who come down to The Old Inn for food and drinks before the Alhambra gig were brilliant, I would have to agree, the atmosphere was great with a great bunch of Skids fans. Skids fans are the best!
It was a wee treat to meet up and chat with a few old faces as well as
eventually meeting with guys from Facebook and email messages, Glen, Gav, Big Gordy, Stainless, James Mawhinney, Eggo, "the Hume brothers" and many more, also quite funny referring to people as "Thanatos" and other internet handles/nicknames and pointing over and saying "theres PTnobluevinyl" pure class!
Also the amount of people who were asking for Smid was mental, Smid m8 you are just as famous as the Skids m8 .... if there was an award for a golden anorak you would win hands down :)
Thanks to everyone who came along to The Old Inn for the pre-gig warm up and to Mark for kindly allowing us to take over his lounge area for the afternoon and also paying for the posters and other bits and bobs that we gave away to as many people as possible. Mark is a top bloke and I am sorry to anyone who didnt get a poster or a t-shirt, you know how to get a hold of me :)
An amazing weekend and so many different accents LOL , huge thanks to Thomas at Visit Dunfermline for a great week of events leading up to and including the gig, and of course Fife Council for all their involvement and investments.
A massive thanks to Michael and Camilla at MJM, James and all the staff at DF Concerts, Crossguard Security, Group 4 Security, all the staff at the Alhambra, Bairdy, Calder, Ian, Colin, big John, all the bar staff in fact too many names to mention but you are all a great bunch of people and of course a big huge massive thanks to Richard and the Skids for providing a top class gig.
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