The Skids ticket and DVD competition

Win tickets for The Skids Live 2010 DVD Premiere and Launch night and a copy of the new Skids DVD
This competition is run by Visit Dunfermline and The Skids

The Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline will be playing host to the Skids Live 2010 DVD Premiere showing on Sunday 31st October 2010, the show starts at 6pm. As well as the DVD launch there will be a special, one-off performance with The Skids & The Gospel Truth Choir (not to be missed) as well as a raffle for signed photos and a signed guitar.
Richard Jobson and special guests are pleased to be hosting the official launch of The Skids ...Live 2010 DVD. Sunday 31st October will see the premiere showing of the new DVD at the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

The DVD will go on sale officially at this event which will include live music performances as well as the first showing of the DVD on the big screen.




Skids Live 2010 pre-order info and updates

Just to confirm some details about the special edition pre-ordered DVDs

The Skids Live 2010 DVD is Region 2 PAL (UK) so this disc may not be suitable for playing in other countries and is not a multi-region or region free disc.

You DO NOT need a Paypal account to order, Paypal will accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Once you add the item, please continue to the checkout page and instead of using your Paypal account to make the purchase, you can choose to put in your credit or debit card details, this works the same way as all other online payment processing.

Make sure you put your email address in correctly as confirmation of your order will be emailed to you.

The Skids Live 2010 DVD contains the following tracks


Of One Skin

Melancholy Soldiers


Yankee Dollar

The Saints Are Coming

Scared To Dance


The Olympian

Hurry On Boys


A Woman In Winter

Circus Games


Into The Valley


The Skids DVD also includes interviews with Richard and also footage from the Fifer Festival 2010

Produced and directed by Richard Jobson

Edited by Steven Sander

DVD sleeve notes are by Tim Barr

Details of the poster and free audio CD included with the special edition will follow soon :)

Deep Fried Skids

The Saints are Coming to be included as a medley on a new CD by The Gospel Truth Choir.
The Skids song will be included on Deep Fried Gospel and is available to pre-order now.

Pre-Order the Debut Album from Scotland's Gospel Choir.

DEEP FRIED GOSPEL is the forthcoming studio album from Scotland's leading gospel singers. Recorded at Cava Sound in Glasgow and Watercolour Music in Ardgour, it features twelve well -known tracks written by Scottish songwriters and performed by The Gospel Truth Choir in their inimitable tartan gospel style.

Includes collaborations with Bruce and Jamie Watson, Mary Ann Kennedy, Maeve MacKinnon, Horse and the combined choirs of InChorus and Lothian and Borders Police. Pre-order now and help the choir pay for the cost of printing the album! (copies will be shipped on or around 15th November 2010). Payments by credit card via Paypal below - with discounts for mutliple copies!!

Listen to a sample track (Mary's Prayer) HERE.
visit their website for more links to pre-order and buy.

The Skids Live 2010 special edition update

The Skids Live 2010 DVD is now on sale via larger retailers such as HMV and Amazon, the retail price is £19.99 but after some negotiations special offer discount prices will be available and some prices may be as low as £12.

DVDs that have been pre-ordered through the Skids websites and Paypal will have a FREE POSTER ans a FREE CD of the gigs in March, more details on the CD and the poster will be available soon.

Skids swansong for Dunfermline DVD launch?

Dunfermline Press article by Gary Fitzpatrick
read the original article here

The memorable Skids home town concert at the Alhambra in March has been captured on film and will be released at a special launch event.
The fund-raiser for the 'Help for Heroes' at the Carnegie Hall on 31st October will feature the first screening of the movie as well as an acoustic gig by the band, perhaps their last ever.
Those present in the packed audience will long remember
the electric atmosphere as the Skids turned back the clock with a wonderful performance of hits such as 'Into the Valley', 'The Saints are Coming', 'Masquerade' and 'Yankee Dollar'.
The film is the work of Richard Jobson singer, film director and music video creator for artists such as Richard Ashcroft.
The Skids frontman told the Press, "You've probably heard it before but this could well be the last performance of the band. I start a new film soon and it's hard to see when will be able to get together again."
Looking back to the Alhambra concert, Richard said, "It was an incredible night. I can't remember a better atmosphere - ever. The vibe was just right and everybody was there to have a great time.
"It was just amazing to look out and see the faces. There were those who had been there from the beginning and some had brought their children and grandchildren in some cases.
"It was a great night and the end of the Fifer Festival week. I enjoyed being able to spend time with young people who were interested in a career in film-making and music.
"The legacy of the Skids is to encourage these young people to believe that if they want to do something then do it and not to listen to what anyone else says.
"We didn't get much encouragement when we started certainly from the older generation who either thought the whole thing was threatening or didn't like the music. But each generation comes along and has their own thing to say."
The Alhambra gig was captured using Canon 5D Mark II stills cameras which have hi-spec video capability and being compact gave the photographers great flexibility of movement.
"I didn't want the enjoyment of the audience to be spoilt by cameramen running around all over the place getting in their way and blocking the view," said Richard.
"By using this technology, the team, who I've worked with before and are very talented, could move around freely and the results are spectacular.
"This will be the first time it's been used in that environment and when people see what we've achieved I'm sure many will want to follow. We had five cameras but when you see the film you would think we had 50
in there."
The DVD is intercut with the interview Skids fan and Rebus author Ian Rankin conducted with Richard earlier that week as part of the Fifer Festival.
"One point I was making was the thing about a Skids gig was that the audience were same type of people as the band. There was never anything pompous about a Skids gig."
Richard previously helped the people of New Orleans in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster to the tune of a massive £500,000. That was the figure he would have made in royalties from U2 and Green
Day's cover of 'The Saints are Coming' released for the Music Rising appeal.
This time the beneficiary will be the Help for Heroes campaign and a prevalent theme in the Skids songs was the fate of young people who joined the army as a way out of unemployment.
At that time, back in the '70s. the young recruits were thrown into the turmoil of Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles and in recent years it has been Iraq and Afghanistan.
Richard said, "I feel for these young men and women. The thing's come full circle back to when we were writing the songs with the economic situation and the lack of chances for young people.
"When there are no jobs one of the things young people are told is to join the army and they can learn something. When it's the British Government involved the chances are you're going to be sent to a war somewhere.
"These people have joined up to serve their country and some have been badly injured. Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or Afghanistan is irrelevant.
"Sometimes we turn our back on these young men and women and that shouldn't happen."
The Skids DVD premiere and launch night on 31st October
starts at 6pm and tickets are on sale priced £10. Prizes, including a signed guitar, will up for grabs in the raffle.