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Into The Valley used on new Halfords advert

The Skids Into The Valley has been used on a new advert for Halfords, showing on UK television.

The Somnambulists out now on DVD 

Richard Jobsons latest movie is now out on DVD

I AM DIGITAL new DVD by Richard Jobson now available online  

A compilation of short films and trailers from writer, director RICHARD JOBSON
Short Films: I Am Digital, Am I Digital, The Journey, I think You Need A Lawyer, Into The Valley
Movie Clips: 16 Years Of Alcohol, The Purifiers, A Woman In Winter, New Town Killers
Trailers: New Town Killers, The Somnambulists, Into The Valley (concept trailer), The Skids Live


The Skids Singles Collection is now available to buy online

Even if you arent the biggest and best Skids fan in the world, even if you dont have a huge collection of music and memorabilia, you might just like this! , you may even love it!
The best collection of Skids A-Sides and B-Sides is now available
A must have for all Skids fans and maybe even other folk as well, who can also enjoy it
buy it now CLICK HERE

NEW! Stuart Adamson website

A new website was recently launched to pay tribute to Stuart Adamson.
here is a news articles section with articles collected about the memorials, including the recent memorial bench, some information pages, forums and a gallery section.
Fans are encouraged to sign up to the forums and join in the various discussions taking place, you can also submit your own images to be included in the gallery.
The organisers hope you enjoy the website and look forward to seeing you there
Visit the website here


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